Sunday, 18 December 2011

Birthday spree!

So on Tuesday it was my 18th birthday, and I got so much money and also a new laptop which I am typing this on right now! Me and my friend Chloe decided to do a little bit of christmas shopping, while also buying things for ourselves..
The Primark in our town isn't very good at all and the new seasons clothes usually come in over a month late, and it's only a one storey building so there isn't room for half the clothes as there is in Exeter, it's why I enjoy Exeter so much! I bought some beautiful new flared daisy trousers and a new hat, it kept blowing off in the wind but I love it so much I risked looking like an idiot for most of the day by keeping it on.

Anyway here are the Lookbook pictures of my hat and my new trousers, and also a new jumper that was £2! Bargain!

As well as these new clothes, for my actual birthday my beautiful boyfriend took me shopping for an outfit I could wear to my meal in the evening with my family! I decided on a beautiful pair of black suede wedges with a gold zip from New Look and a black and white nautical playsuit from River Island that was a size 8! And I actually fit into it! So here are the shoes and the playsuit will be up shortly, just need to fix my camera!

Anyway guys thanks for reading and there'll be another post soon! X